Fuente Bark Bark Dog Bowl Large


Bark arf arf fuente arf woof collection, bark arf arf melamine arf bark bark arf sturdy rubber padding bark. Woofity-arf arf arf bark arf woof bark arf outdoor arf indoor arf. Holds 40 arf fluid ounces (5 cups). Bark measures 9″ woof x 4″ bark. Arf arf arf intricate graphics arf melamine material, arf arf arf recommended arf arf arf arf microwave arf dishwasher

Hey Humans:
All you need to know is that this Bark Bark gift your about to get for your fur-family holds 40 US Fluid ounces (5 cups), measures about 9″ across by 4″ high and has a rubber base so it doesn’t slide around.

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