Mr. Fox’s Story

Mr. Fox just wanted a nice place to hang out with friends, enjoy a nice scotch, a good cigar and a chat with the ladies. But, most places closed the doors and flipped the “open sign” when they saw him coming. The places that did let him in eventually kicked him out when him and his friends joked and laughed a little too much…

Mr. Fox has no problem striking up a conversation. As an avid cigar smoker and jokester he was not always well received. A lot of people don’t appreciate that kind of guy much these days so off he went searching far and wide for a new place to call “home.”

Mr. Fox took matters into his own hands. He knew that the only way for a guy like him (and believe me, there’s a bunch of ‘em) would ever have a place to call their own was to do it himself. Mr. Fox opened a cigar bar and instead of being a judgemental asshole who flipped the open sign, he made sure everyone was welcome… and they are – especially the ladies, of course.


In 2016, Rocky blended a cigar featuring an exquisite San Andrés wrapper. Deciding that this blend would develop even further with age, he ordered a short production run of 120,000 cigars. The cigars were laid to rest in an aging room and locked away for two years. Its contents are a mystery but the rest is history.

Now Rocky Patel is making history once again! The all new Rocky Patel ALR Second Edition is rated higher than any other cigar for 2023! 96 Rating from Cigar Aficionado has put this cigar at the best of 2023 for the year of any cigar out there. Fox Cigar is joining up with Rocky to make this dream cigar become your own by giving these amazing deals.

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The New Way to Cigar

The flavors are big, bold, and chewy, and produce an eclectic mix of flavors including earth, dark fruit, toasted wood, and espresso. In Stock Now, Exclusive Packages of ALR only found at FOX Cigar.

The Girl With No Name Corona is a limited-edition cigar release (only available at Fox) that is packaged in 10-count boxes or 5-count packs and will captivate the imaginations of countless Deadwood fans. She has been pursued throughout the West’s dusty territories and has so far remained one step ahead of all those hot on her trail. So jump on this opportunity now and find out what kind of sultry tales she has to tell!

Featured release

The Girl with No Name FEATURE exclusively at Fox Cigar

The Girl With No Name Corona has emerged as the latest sultry vixen from Deadwood Tobacco Co.’s elusive and mysterious ladies.


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