Larutan Cigars Discontinued
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Larutan Cigars Discontinued

Drew Estate Cigars has recently announced that their Larutan cigar line, formally known as Natural, has been discontinued effective immediately.

The Larutan cigar line added 13 SKU’s to the DE portfolio (12 core + 1 sampler). Phase out of the cigar line happened instantly and retailers (just like us) are no longer able to order. However Drew Estate has kept the Larutan Egg Maduro and the Larutan Egg Natural which is their unique 5 1/2 x 100 shaped cigar sold in a single coffin.

At the time of this posting Fox Cigar has very limited quantities remaining of the Larutan line, so just click here to see what’s remaining in stock.

As a side note DE has also discontinued the MUWAT cigar line and Lounge Exclusive cigars.

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