El Amarillo Baller Kit


Size: Mixed
Kit Count: 7
Wrapper: Mixed
Binder: Mixed
Filler: Mixed

The El Amarillo Baller Kit features some super-limited, and ultra amazing cigars, that are seriously hard to find. When you pick up this collection you will truly be the envy of cigar smokers everywhere. We aren’t going to waste any more time talking about why you need to add these to your cart ASAP – you know why.

In this tasting kit you will receive the following cigars:

  • FFOX Scorpio Maduro (1)
  • FFOX Tauros The Bull (1)
  • FFOX Tauros The Bull Maduro (1)
  • KKP Special Reserve Gran Toro 56 (1)
  • KKP Special Reserve Piramide 58 (1)
  • FFOX El Escorpion (1)
  • FFOX El Escorpion Maduro (1)
  • OpusX Society El Amarillo Porcelain Ashtray (1)

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