Infused Cigar Kit


Size: 4 x 38
Sample Count: 5
Wrapper: Mixed
Binder: Mixed
Filler: Mixed

Taste the rainbow with our new Acid Cigar Kit. Acid cigars are made exclusively by Drew Estate. They are said to be the kings of infusion so you know they have to be good! The secret? An array of botanicals, oils, and herbs. Each blend offers a different flavorful profile.

In this kit you will receive:

  • Acid Blondie // great floral and aromatic smoke
  • Acid Blondie Maduro // a sweeter more powerful take on the OG blondie
  • Acid Blondie Gold // smooth AF
  • Acid Blondie Candela // notes of sugar and tea
  • Acid Blondie Red // spicy version of the OG

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